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Anonymous asked:

give us a shout when you get 1 or more of the 300+ known cancers or worse HIV / Aids :) i need a good laugh at how smart you think you are(not) ps you answer shows how low your

AID’s? Wow. Because tattoo inks have that in it too? Cancer is seriously the least of my worries, people get cancer everyday and can be treated. My BIGGEST worry is the zombie apocalypse.

And the end of this message kind of proves how smart you are(not).

Have a wonderful day with your uninteresting banter.


Anonymous asked:

Mercury: found in red tattoo inks a very toxic substance known to cause birth defects, ADHD depression and extreme fatigue , skin rashes, Granulomas ans Lichenoid reactions on the skin , Azo-chemicals: are implicated to basal sarcoma ` SKIN CANCER ` found in yellow, orange, brown,green and violet tattoo inks. PS skin cancer can be blue, black, white in apperance and be smooth to the touch and tattoo inks can spread to the lymph nodes ie BREAST CANCER i bet you wished you researched tattoo inks

I bet you wished you actually had friends… And didn’t anonymously message people about their own life decisions. What I do with my body, is up to me. I also eat meat, gluten, sugar, preservatives, processed foods, dairy.

I’m going to die someday and I plan on living however the fuck I please until that time comes.

Thanks for your random anonymous message though!

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